Kindly let us know if you are an alumnus of the Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory at the University of Houston and have not been listed on this page. Please see the Students page for the present list associated with AEL.

Most of the following theses can be found in UH library.

  • Fangzhou Chen (Ph.D., 2019)
  • Ran Guo (Ph.D., 2019)
  • Xiaohe Ji (Ph.D., 2019)
  • Nicholas A Boggs (M.S., 2014)
    A Cylindrical Dielectric Surface-Wave Antenna
  • Cong Gao (Ph.D., 2012)
    Stochastic Methods and Their Applications in Statistical Electromagnetic Modeling
  • Yan Liu (Ph.D., 2012)
    Numerical and Experimental Study of MRI RF Effect on Various Medical Devices
  • Phuc (Adam) Huynh (Ph.D., 2011)
    Investigations of Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antennas with Improved Impedance and Radiation Performance
  • Ellen O'Connor (Ph.D., 2011)
    Endfire Radiation from Leaky-Wave Antennas
  • Sohini Sengupta (M.S., 2011)
    Analysis of a Linear Series-Fed Rectangular Microstrip Antenna Array
  • Ferhat Turker Celepcikay (Ph.D., 2010)
    Efficient Calculation of Layered-Medium Periodic Green's Function
  • Lien Dang (Ph.D., 2010)
    Design and Analysis of a High Power Waveguide-Fed Reduced Lateral Wave Antenna
  • Varada Rajan Komanduri (Ph.D., 2010)
    Investigation of Reduced Surface Wave Microstrip antennas and 1D Leaky-Wave Antennas for Broadside Radiation
  • Shiji Pan (M.S., 2009)
    Investigation of Wireless Power Transfer
  • Weixin Dong (Ph.D., 2008)
    Phase and Group Delays for Circularly-Polarized GPS Microstrip Antennas
  • Anthony Lau (M.S., 2008)
    Investigation of Fields from Broadband over Power Line Communications
  • Vikram Shete (M.S., 2008)
    Miniaturization of Reduced Surface Wave Antennas
  • Osman Kanlioglu (Ph.D., 2007)
    Analysis and Design of Via Loaded Microstrip Antennas
  • Hao Xu (Ph.D., 2006)
    Analysis and Design of Broadband Reduced Surface Wave Antennas and Miniaturized Microstrip Antennas with Via Loading
  • Kathleen Akkerman (M.S., 2005)
    The Analysis and Control of Radiation from Conducting Structures Using Characteristic Modes
  • Christopher S. De Young (M.S., 2005)
    An Investigation of Wideband Dielectric Resonator Antennas