Kindly let us know if you are an alumnus of the Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory at the University of Houston and have not been listed on this page. Please see the Students page for the present list associated with AEL.

Most of the following theses can be found in UH library.

  • Siddharth S. Oroskar (M.S., 2005)
    Efficient Computation of Periodic Green's Function in Layered Media Using the Ewald Method
  • Benjamin J. Fasenfest (M.S., 2004)
    Fast Computation for Large Arrays
  • Andrew G. Walsh (M.S., 2004)
    An Investigation of Stacked and Embedded Dielectric Resonator Antennas
  • Lorena Isela Basilio (Ph.D., 2003)
    New GPS Microstrip Patch Antennas Designed For Reduced Multipath Susceptibility
  • Ling Chen (Ph.D., 2003)
    Design and Analysis of Reduced Surface Wave Antennas and Arrays
  • Timothy Francis Kennedy (M.S., 2003)
    Modification and Control of Currents on an Electrically Long Monopole Antenna
  • Michael Amin Khayat (Ph.D., 2003)
    Numerical Modeling of Thin Materials in Electromagnetic Scattering Problems
  • Tianxia Zhao (Ph.D., 2003)
    Analysis and Design of 2-D Periodic Leaky Wave Antennas Using Metal Patches or Slots
  • Patrick Fink (Ph.D., 2002)
    Higher Order Modeling in the BEM and Hybrid BEM/FEM Formulations
  • Abbas Khajeh (M.S., 2001)
    Investigation of Microwave Sensors for Measuring the Complex Permittivity of Lossy Material Inside a Pipe
  • William L. Langston (M.S., 2001)
    Radiation from a Practical Source on a Covered Microstrip Line
  • Vickie B. Davis (Ph.D., 2000)
    Design and Characterization of Shorted-Annular-Ring Reduced-Surface-Wave Microstrip Antennas
  • Feinian Wang (M.S., 2000)
    High-Tc Superconducting RF Receiver Coils for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Small Animals
  • Michael Amin Khayat (M.S., 1999)
    The Mutual Coupling Between Shorted Annular Ring-Reduced Surface Wave Antennas
  • William L. Langston (B.S., 1999)
    Development of an Algorithm for the Acquisition and Analysis of High-Frequency Antenna Pattern Data (Honors Thesis)
  • Lorena Isela Basilio (M.S., 1998)
    Analysis and Design of a Capacitively-Tuned Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna
  • Dawei Li (Ph.D., 1998)
    Aperature-Coupled Microstrip Antenna Array Fed by a Dielectric Guide
  • Amit Radheyshyam Mehrotra (M.S., 1998)
    A General Reduced Surface-Wave Theorem and Its Application to an Annular Ring Microstrip Patch Antenna
  • Na Li (Ph.D., 1997)
    The Analysis and Design of High-Temperature Superconducting Leaky-Wave Antennas
  • Swati Majumder (Ph.D., 1997)
    Spectral Gaps and Radiation Characteristics of One-Dimensional Periodic Leaky-Wave Antennas