Kindly let us know if you are an alumnus of the Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory at the University of Houston and have not been listed on this page. Please see the Students page for the present list associated with AEL.

Most of the following theses can be found in UH library.

  • Kassem Ali Awada (M.S., 1990)
    Analysis of Dielectric Gratings of Arbitrary Profiles
  • Qinglun Chen (Ph.D., 1990)
    Electromagnetic Modeling of Three-Dimensional Piecewise Homogeneous Material Bodies of Arbitrary Composition and Geometry
  • Chia-Min Cheng (M.S., 1990)
    Pre-processing and Matrix Assembly Subroutines for EMPACK: A Software Toolbox for Numerical Eletromagnetics
  • Shian-Uei Hwu (Ph.D., 1990)
    Electromagnetic Modeling of Conducting and Dielectric Coated Wire, Surface, and Junction Configurations
  • David Nghiem (M.S., 1990)
    A General Analysis of Multiple-Layer Striplines
  • Sujata Rawal (M.S., 1990)
    Calculation of Conductor Loss on a Stripline
  • Andrew W. C. Chu (M.S., 1989)
    The Radiation Pattern of a Monopole Antenna Mounted on a Cubical Conducting Box
  • Deborah Kessler Langan (M.S., 1989)
    Numerical Solution of Transverse Electric Scattering by Inhomogeneous Two-Dimensional Composite Dielectric and Metallic Bodies of Arbitrary Cross Section
  • Alan D. MacDonald (M.S., 1989)
    Microwave Characterization of High Tc Superconductors Using Planar Transmission Line Resonators
  • Steve E. Slawson (M.S., 1989)
    Development of Dual-Band Circularly Polarized Reactively Loaded Microstrip Antennas
  • Seshasai V. Yesantharao (M.S., 1989)
    EMPACK: A Software Toolbox of Potential Integrals for Computational Electromagnetics
  • Lieh Chang (M.S., 1988)
    A Study of the Vector Form of the "On Surface Radiation Condition" Method Applied to Electromagnetic Scattering Problems
  • Shih-Hao Chen (M.S., 1988)
    A Theoretical and Computational Study of the "On Surface Radiation Condition" Method in Scalar Scattering Problems
  • Heriberto Jose Delgado (M.S., 1988)
    Antenna Pattern Measurement Techniques for Infinite Ground Plane Simulation Through Edge Diffraction Elimination
  • Arturs Eriks Dinbergs (M.S., 1988)
    Analysis and Design of an Array of Electromagnetically Coupled Microstrip Dipoles
  • Antonio Ip (M.S., 1988)
    Radiation and Propagation of Cylindrical Leaky Waves on a Planar Dielectric Multi-Layer Structure
  • Roger A. Kranenburg (M.S., 1988)
    Planar Transmission Line Excitation of Dielectric Resonator Antennas
  • Sai Chong Kwok (M.S., 1988)
    Analysis and Design of a Traveling-Wave Array of Vertical Monopoles in a Substrate
  • Prakash Manghnani (M.S., 1988)
    Design and Analysis of an Array of Electromagnetically Coupled Microstrip Patches
  • Mohammed Ajaz Ali Khan (M.S., 1987)
    Study of Loaded Microstrip Antennas and Their Application to Arrays