Kindly let us know if you are an alumnus of the Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory at the University of Houston and have not been listed on this page. Please see the Students page for the present list associated with AEL.

Most of the following theses can be found in UH library.

  • Robert Milton Sharpe (M.S., 1987)
    Electromagnetic Scattering and Radiation by Discrete Bodies of Revolution
  • Shyamal Bhattacharya (M.S., 1986)
    A Study of the Admittance Characteristics of a Monopole Antenna Attached to a Conducting Box
  • Sompongse Toomsawasdi (Ph.D., 1986)
    Moment Method Analysis of a Microstrip Antenna Using a Patch-Edge Integral Equation
  • Esin Chang (M.S., 1985)
    An Experimental Study of Electrically Thick Rectangular Microstrip Antennas
  • Joseph R. Zinecker (M.S., 1985)
    Efficient Computation of Green's Functions for Periodic Structures
  • Shayla Erin Dennis Davidson (M.S., 1984)
    Experimental Study of Reactively Loaded Dual-Frequency Microstrip Antennas
  • Shih-Chang Frank Huang (Ph.D., 1984)
    Techniques for Measuring the Dielectric Properties of Samples Using Coaxial-Line and Insulated Antenna
  • Mark W. McAllister (Ph.D., 1983)
    The Resonant Dielectric Antenna: Experiment and Theory
  • Joseph R. Zinecker (B.S., 1982)
    Computation of the Driving Point Impedance of a Rectangular Microstrip Antenna (Honors Thesis)
  • Brij Bhushan Popli (M.S., 1981)
    Numerical Analysis of Radiation into the Air Due to a Dipole Embedded in a Dense Medium
  • Afroz J. M. Zaman (Ph.D., 1981)
    A Theoretical Investigation of Eddy Current Response to Subsurface Flaws for Application in Nondestructive Evaluation
  • Shih-Chang Frank Huang (M.S., 1979)
    An Antenna for Underground Radio Communication
  • Weiming Ou (M.S., 1979)
    Nondestructive Measurement of Thickness and Dielectric Constant of a Dielectric Layer on a Conductive Substrate by Means of Surface Electromagnetic Waves
  • Faramarz Vaziri (Ph.D., 1979)
    Electromagnetic Fields of Underground Antennas
  • Martin Ray Allerding (M.S., 1976)
    An Experimental Investigation of the Circular Disc Antenna
  • Chun Chi Lee (M.S., 1976)
    Coupled Yagi-Uda Arrays of Dipoles
  • Pierre Bertrand Morel (M.S., 1976)
    A Theoretical Investigation of the Circular Printed Circuit Antenna
  • George Wadih Raffoul (Ph.D., 1976)
    The Infinitely Long Yagi Array of Concentric Circular Loops
  • Mark D. Walton (M.S., 1976)
    An Experimental Study of the Printed-Circuit Circular Disc Antenna
  • Nabil Kamel Takla (M.S., 1974)
    Numerical Analysis of the Yagi-Uda Array